Congratulations Class of 2020!

“The faculty and staff of the Department of Environmental Toxicology congratulate all graduating seniors on your achievements and wish you well as you begin your journey forward from UC Davis! We have 21 spring 2020 graduates this year, and are joined by a few winter 2020 and fall 2019 graduate as well!"

A Word to the Graduates from Professor Robert Rice, Department Chair

Dear Graduates,

    Congratulations! We are glad you have succeeded in finishing. You have studied hard and learned a lot this year. The spring quarter has been especially challenging. For those of us in Davis, though disorienting, the past quarter has been quiet. Those of you elsewhere may have had difficulty focusing on academics. We recognize the experience may have been unpleasant, even excruciating to some. The corona virus epidemic has opened our eyes to the widespread inequity in our society, and the recent uproar in protest against racism, especially that seen in law enforcement, has been stark. This is all happening on top of the existential threat of global climate change and a chaotic administration intent on rolling back the entire federal regulatory apparatus, including for environment protection. As you start your next adventure in life, the challenges are daunting. However, as in the turbulent 1960’s, perhaps we are ready for change. Be ready to contribute to a more just society. Help spread the influence of science in decision making, and be sure to vote.

Dean Helene Dillard’s message to the Class of 2020

Dean Helene Dillard's message to the Class of 2020

Helene Dillard, dean of the UC Davis College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, congratulates the Class of 2020. #UCDavisGrad


Environmental Toxicology Graduates
2019-2020 Academic Year

Spring 2020
Amanda Elizabeth Burns
Lam Kam Chan
Cesar Damian Corrales
Francine Anne De Castro
Jonathan Do
Nicole J. Egan
Megan Elise Gaa
Dylan Kiyoshi Hatai
William Seung Hyeon Hwang
Shayan Daria Kaveh

Xiang Ru Leng
Kent Matthew Mamongay
Madison Lee Miles
Paulina Chandavy Ngoun
Jimmy Nguyen
Jethro Ray Inocentes Ogena
Mark Ryan Salazar
Mariah Sayome Sillanpaa
Kylie Ann Spence
Fernanda Lucia Urbina
Anthony Richard Vega


Winter 2020
Juan Manuel Infante
Justine Khuu

Fall 2019
Aleksandra B. Niewczas

Citations for Outstanding Performance in Environmental Toxicology

Citations for Outstanding Performance in Environmental Toxicology” are awarded to students, who have truly distinguished themselves, both in their major and in their overall university performance. We want to acknowledge and congratulate this year's Outstanding Seniors:

Dylan Hatai

Dylan Hatai

Citation for Outstanding Performance
in Environmental Toxicology 2020

Amanda Burns

Amanda Burns

Citation for Outstanding Performance
in Environmental Toxicology 2020

Recipient of 2020 Dean's Circle Award

Jonathan Do

Jonathan Do

Citation for Outstanding Performance
in Environmental Toxicology 2020

Chancellor’s Award for Excellence
in Undergraduate Research 2020
     Honorable Mention

Get your UC Davis Alumni Coffee Mug!

As is the tradition each spring, the Department of Environmental Toxicology gives each graduating senior their official UC Davis Alumni Coffee Mug.  This year is no exception!   

Please send your permanent mailing address via email to Susan Kancir, ETX Major Advisor at
She will gladly mail your official alumni mug to you this summer!

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