Caroline Parworth, AGC Ph.D. student in Professor
Qi Zhang’s research group, shown working on an
air sampling inlet on the roof of the Mt. Bachelor
Observatory located at the Mt. Bachelor summit. The
air sampling was part of a Department of Energy
Biomass Burn Observation Project that took place in
summer 2013.”

The Department of Environmental Toxicology administers two graduate group programs: the Agricultural and Environmental Chemistrygraduate group and the Pharmacology and Toxicology graduate group. The Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry graduate group focuses on the effects (dispersal, breakdown and persistence) of chemicals on the environment, while the Pharmacology and Toxicology graduate group is centered around human health effects of chemical exposure.

Our department works closely with the Forensic Science Graduate Program currently administered through UC Davis Extension. The program provides a strong foundation in science, together with an understanding of the logic and workings of the legal system. Coursework covers the theoretical underpinnings of the biological and physical sciences as used in the collection, analysis and interpretation of evidence.

Graduate Group Programs

Here are some graduate groups that offer training and opportunities in the field of toxicology.  Please visit their individual website for more information.

Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry Graduate Group

Atmospheric Sciences Graduate Group

Biochemistry, Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology (BMCDB) Graduate Group

Graduate Group in Ecology

Food Science Graduate Group

Forensics Science Graduate Program

Pharmacology & Toxicology Graduate Group


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