50th Anniversary of ETOX

Over the past 50 years, our Department has grown to be a world-class venue for research and education in Environmental Toxicology. Our numerous graduates have progressed into diverse and influential careers in academia, government, non-profits, and the private sector.

In Memoriam - James Seiber

“Jim” Seiber, a renowned environmental chemist whose work kickstarted research into the effects of air pollution and who spent decades at UC Davis dedicated to teaching, research and service, died earlier this month. He was 82.

In Memoriam - Michael Steven Denison

Mike was an inspiration, ensuring that the scientists with whom he interacted took science very seriously, yet had fun while doing so. His foresight and originality extended far beyond Davis to influence how environmental chemistry is done around the world. He set an example of never taking himself seriously, which was his secret sauce for continually stimulating creative thought, innovation and productivity among his peers and his students. He is dearly missed by all who were lucky enough to know him.

2023 ETX Graduate Fellows!

Thanks to generous bequests honoring the memories of two faculty (Fumio Matsumura, George Alexeeff), our department continues to be able to support doctoral students in their research to address pressing toxicological issues.

Undergraduate Awards

Two students in the laboratory of Professor Tran Nguyen have received prestigious awards for work on e-cigarette vaping products.

The Fate of Mercury in a Thawing Arctic

Professor Brett Poulin’s lab in ETX is collaborating with federal scientists at the Woodwell Climate Research Center to understand how climate change is affecting uptake of toxic mercury in aquatic food webs as Arctic permafrost thaws.

Professor Andrew Whitehead

Professor Andrew Whitehead won a UCD Advising and Mentoring award this summer and will be a Mentor Fellow through 2024.