Zhang, Qi

Headshot of Qi Zhang

Email: dkwzhang@ucdavis.edu
Office: 4251A Meyer Hall
Phone: (530) 752-5779
Personal Professional Website: https://sites.google.com/site/qizhanggroup/home


Qi Zhang's research group conducts field studies to gain insights into the chemical characteristics, sources, and atmospheric aging processes of airborne particulate pollutants. They also perform laboratory studies to understand the aqueous-phase chemistry of pollutants originating from combustion emissions. Additionally, they investigate the formation of photo-oxidants and the processing of organic species in aerosol liquid water.


  • Air quality, air toxicants, atmospheric chemistry, environmental analytical chemistry


  • Ph.D., Environmental Chemistry, UC Davis
  • Professor, Environmental Toxicology, UC Davis


  • ETX/FOR 220 (Analysis of Toxicants)
  • ETX 220L (Toxicant Analysis Laboratory)
  • ESM 131 (Air as a resource)

Campus Membership: (e.g., graduate groups, centers)

  • Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry (Chair)
  • Atmospheric Sciences (member)
  • Air Quality Research Center (AQRC)
  • Environmental Health Sciences Center (EHSC)

Recent Publications: