Wood, Matthew

Headshot of Matthew Wood

Associate Professor of Teaching
Email: mjwood@ucdavis.edu
Office: 4247 Meyer Hall
Phone: (530) 754-2271
Personal Professional Website: http://woodlab.ucdavis.edu/


I have been a Professor in Environmental Toxicology since 2005.  Currently I am an Associate Professor Teaching and instruct courses on subjects ranging from Forensic Science (ETX 20), Chemical use in society (ETX 30), Principles of Environmental Toxicology (ETX 101) and Biological Approaches to Toxicology Research (ETX 103B).  Professor Wood was an undergraduate student in Chemistry at UC Santa Cruz, a graduate student in Biochemistry at UC San Diego and studied environmental gene regulation at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda Maryland.  I have long been interested in the myriad of ways that chemicals interact with living systems.  When not instructing courses related to the effects of chemicals, he can been found manipulating food chemicals in the kitchen for the nourishment of his family and friends, playing soccer and pickleball, biking the pathways of Davis, and walking his dog in the Arboretum.

Current Teaching:

  • ETX 20: Introduction to Forensic Science
  • ETX 30: Chemical Use and Abuse
  • ETX 101: Principles of Environmental Toxicology
  • ETX 103B: Biological Effects of Toxicants – Experimental Approaches
  • First Years Seminar:  Data Exploration in Computational Toxicology

Past Courses Taught:

  • ETX 110: Toxic Tragedies
  • ETX 102A: Environmental Fate of Toxicants
  • NUT 117: Experimental Nutrition
  • ETX 203: Chemistry of Toxicants
  • EXT 220 & 220L: Analysis of Toxicants
  • FOR 207: Advanced Spectroscopy Methods in Forensic Science

Education & Experience:

  • UC Davis, Department of Environmental Toxicology, 2005-present
  • National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, NIH, 2000-2005
  • UC San Diego, Ph.D., Biochemistry, 2000
  • UC San Diego, M.S., Biochemistry, 1997
  • UC Santa Cruz, B.S., Biochemistry, 1996