Nicklisch, Sascha

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Assistant Professor
Office: 4117 Meyer Hall

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Molecular mechanisms underlying pollutant and drug bioaccumulation in organisms. Our research focuses on understanding how pollutants and drugs can enter and accumulate in cells, despite them being equipped with a battery of defense proteins (i.e. drug transporters), there to recognize and export any type of foreign chemical. We seek to determine current drug and pollutant levels in different types of food organisms and to identify their molecular interactions with major drug transporters in humans and other organisms. 


Membrane Protein Biochemistry
Enzyme Kinetics
Structural Biology
Molecular Toxicology

Education and Experience:

  • University of Cologne, Cologne, Germany and University of Osnabruck, Osnabruck, Germany – PhD in Protein Biochemistry – 2005-2008
  • University of Cologne, Cologne, Germany – MS in Biological Sciences – 1999-2005


  • ETX 103A - Biological Effects of Toxicants
  • ETX 190/290 - Current Topics in Environmental Toxicology

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Recent Publications:

Nicklisch SCT, Bonito LT, Sandin SA, Hamdoun AM. 2017. Geographic differences in persistent organic pollutant levels of yellowfin tuna. Env. Health Perspect. 126 (6):067014.

Nicklisch SCT, Bonito LT, Sandin S, Hamdoun A. 2017. Mercury levels of yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares) are associated with capture location. Environ. Pollut. 229:87–93.

Nicklisch SCT, Rees SD, McGrath AP, Gokirmak T, Bonito LT, Vermeer LM, et al. 2016. Global marine pollutants inhibit P-glycoprotein: Environmental levels, inhibitory effects, and cocrystal structure. Sci Adv 2:e1600001–e1600001; doi:10.1126/sciadv.1600001