Alumni Spotlight – Ruth Hwang

Ruth HwangRuth Hwang, like many students in the ETX UCD program, took advantage of undergraduate research and internship opportunities. While completing her ETX degree, Ruth carried out 2 years of undergraduate research in Andrew Whitehead’s lab assisting in studies probing the evolution of organisms in response to toxin exposure, which ultimately resulted in a peer-reviewed publication. After completing her B.S. degree in ETX (2015) and gaining work experience in industry, Ruth received her M.S. in Environmental Health Sciences from UCLA (2019) studying the toxicity of metal nanomaterials. Currently, Ruth is a Health Scientist for Stantec ChemRisk and a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) working on projects focused on worker health and safety, industrial hygiene, exposure and risk assessment, and consumer product safety. We look forward to seeing where Ruth goes from here!