La Merrill, Michele

Headshot of Michele La Merrill

Associate Professor
Office: 4245 Meyer Hall

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Dr. Michele La Merrill studies the developmental basis of environmental disease.  Her group is particularly interested in understanding susceptibilities to disease that may result from environmental insults during development, from poor diet and ensuing metabolic diseases, and from genetic and epigenetic predispositions.


  • ETX 10 – Introduction to Environmental Toxicology
  • ETX 140 – Genes & The Environment

Past Courses Taught:

  • ETX 110: Toxic Tragedies
  • ETX 102A: Environmental Fate of Toxicants
  • NUT 117: Experimental Nutrition
  • ETX 203: Chemistry of Toxicants
  • EXT 220 & 220L: Analysis of Toxicants
  • FOR 207: Advanced Spectroscopy Methods in Forensic Science

Campus Membership:

  • Pharmacology & Toxicology Graduate Group
  • Integrative Genetics and Genomics Graduate Group
  • Epidemiology Graduate Group
  • UC Davis Genome Center
  • UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center