Call for Matsumura Fellowship

Posted: 05.04.2017

Applications are hereby solicited for a fellowship award honoring the memory of Professor Fumio Matsumura.  The award of approximately $2,000 will go to a graduate student conducting research in the laboratory of an ETX faculty member.  The successful applicant will have at least one year of research remaining before finishing the PhD.

Application materials will include:  (1) a one page description of the student’s project with an estimated date of completion, (2) two letters of recommendation from faculty knowledgeable about the project, and (3) transcripts of graduate and undergraduate grades (Banner printouts acceptable).

The funds are intended to support travel to a scientific conference to present the student’s research, to an off-campus location to perform research and/or to purchase supplies/small equipment (including a computer) to further the research.

Within 30 days of the end of the one year fellowship period, the awardee will provide the Department a brief summary of accomplishments during the year, emphasizing how the funds assisted the research.  The Fumio Matsumura Memorial Endowment will be acknowledged in publications and conference presentations of the supported work.