6 Aggies Who Are California’s Environmental Guardians

Posted: 10.02.2017

Aggies Become Green Advocates as Managers, Policymakers, Professors and Attorneys

Not only is UC Davis a global leader in environmental research, but our alumni are also at the green forefront, tackling difficult issues about the environment. Meet some of these UC Davis Aggies dedicated to fighting global climate change, teaching future leaders and helping to set policy for a sustainable future:

1. Sydney Vergis ’04, MS ’13, Ph.D. ’16, advocates for clean air

I currently work as the acting legislative director for the California Air Resources Board. This is the state agency charged with achieving greenhouse gas reductions, protecting public health and helping to make sure Californians are breathing clean air. 

In my role, I review state and federal legislation to assess potential benefits, costs or impacts of a proposed policy that relates to air quality, climate change, human health and the environment. Every day, I use the qualitative and quantitative interdisciplinary skills I learned at UC Davis working on my undergraduate degrees in economics and environmental policy, analysis and planning as well as master’s and doctoral degrees in transportation technology and policy.

UC Davis also led to early internships at the State Capitol and the Air Resources Board, which helped me build a foundation in real-world policy and environmental work.

My Ph.D. advisor, Professor Dan Sperling, guided me to focus my academic work on exciting areas of emerging technology, policy and business models for zero-emission vehicle markets. UC Davis also provided connections and a network that included policy decision-makers, industry and nongovernmental organizations — a combination that I hope you will enjoy as well.


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